Testimonials: What Our Partners Are Saying.

Krasdale has led by example and can be described by many adjectives: experienced professionals, family values, service oriented, honesty and integrity. I would describe it in one word "Prime".

William Rodriguez

For over 35 years I have been a customer of Krasdale. I started with one small grocery store in Brooklyn, and with Krasdale's support and guidance, today I run 3 successful supermarkets in New York City. The investment Krasdale made in my business enabled me to grow my company into what it is today.

Avelino Duran

Navigating the rocky seas of the supermarket business over the past 30 years can be overwhelming, but with a company like Krasdale on board, my ship always found its way home. I cannot say enough about the family-style business relationship Krasdale has provided the Saab family over the years. Our family is grateful for all the ways Krasdale goes above and beyond and never hesitates to lend a helping hand.

Mike Saab

The Perez/Krasne families have been intertwined for nearly half a century, beginning 4 generations prior. From those humble beginnings, simply buying product from Krasdale to stock the shelves our family business expanded into several supermarkets. Over those years, with the proper guidance and confidence, we overcame near bankruptcy, built a successful supermarket business, and branched out to become a widely recognized leader in Bronx Real Estate Development. As each generation continues and evolves from the success of the prior, so have the parallels of the Krasne and Perez families. For that, we are forever thankful.

Jose Perez

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